How To Get A Hot Girlfriend

How many times did you like a hot girl so much that you felt like going crazy if you don’t have her – and eventually never ended up having her? Well, I guess the answer is clear here my friend and I do know how that feels. The fact is that if you cannot get a girl who is clearly out of your league, then it must be something very wrong in your approach. What is that? Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Well, that’s a question for you to answer, as for me, I will personally teach you a few things on how to get a hot girlfriend and be happy with her.

Be yourself

First of all, you should always try and be yourself, even if it sounds hard or impossible. Girls don’t like fake guys and in general, being fake is something that girls can sniff a mile away. Think about it: Would you date someone who is fake and doesn’t even have the guts to be herself? I don’t think so!

Take things slowly and be sensitive

We guys always like to speed up things and get over with the cheesy moments, but even if you don’t like them that much, they are necessary. I’m not saying you should get a band and sing her a song when she gets out of the mall, but do try and be sensitive. And by that I also mean that you cannot afford to make any lame sex jokes with her. If you make these jokes, you will just drive her away from you and end up lonely.

Communication is vital

Make sure you talk to her, but don’t try to ask lame questions that bore her. Try and be original, show her that you are really interested into her, but don’t overdo it so she may think you’re obsessed with her or something. Be reasonable, sound interesting and do it all within the limits of your personality and honesty. Speak only as much as you think you can handle. It’s really bad to get caught up in a lie later on. Your voice needs to make her feel safe when sharing certain things with you and that’s why you should always reassure this way.

Dress well

The way you dress is also very important, because girls do really care about how their boyfriend looks. You don’t want to look underdressed for instance when you go out with her, while she’s wearing some really nice clothes. Some girls will say this doesn’t matter to them, but it does, believe me.

Smile and make her laugh

is one of the most important things for them when looking for a guy. Practically, every girl out there loves to have a guy that makes her laugh when she’s sad and keep her hopes high when she cannot manage on her own.

Compliment her whenever you can

Last but not least, be bold sometimes and always compliment her when you should. Women loves to be appreciated and have their efforts matter for someone and that is why you should heed this advice.

In the end, by combining all of these tips together, you can easily date any girl you like. And believe me, when you’ll realize you can pull this off like a pro, you’ll become even more confident in your ability to seduce beautiful and smoking hot girls!