Dating Advice For Men

Dating advice for men is pretty easy to find – all you have to do is go online and you’ll find thousands of websites dedicated to the ‘art’ of dating. But is all this advice any good? Truth be told, there is some GREAT info available online, but not all is worth pursuing. If you read the wrong advice you could end up on the path to heartbreak and perpetual singledom!

Here is just some of the dating advice for men that you DON’T want to follow:

  • Wait three days to call her. Come on guys, if you’re interested, make like Nike and ‘just do it’! Some men worry that they’ll come across as desperate, but do you really want her to lose interest or meet someone else in the meantime?
  • Sleep with as many women as possible. Sure it’d probably be a whole lot of fun, but realistically many men would be happy with just one hot woman. There are no rules about how many women you have to sleep with before committing to a serious relationship.  Getting notches on your bedpost isn’t necessarily as cool as your friends might make out.
  • Ask a girl out via text. In this day and age texting, tweeting and Facebook messaging is the norm when it comes to communication. Face to face or a good old fashioned phone call though is the way to go when you want to ask a girl out.
  • You have your eye on a sexy woman but your friends tell you she’s out of your league. If you’re convinced that you have no chance with a woman you definitely won’t, but just because a woman is particularly confident and attractive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
  • You need to be fit looking if you want to pull hot women. This is actually a complete myth. Haven’t you ever seen an ordinary, mediocre looking guy (possibly with a bit of a paunch) walking down the street with a girlfriend that is obviously better looking? It happens more than you think. Of course women like checking out fit guys, but at the same time they know that in real life not every man looks like Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig. In reality the muscle that matters most is the heart.
  • If you’ve read The Game you may have noticed that one of the pieces of advice was to say negative things to a woman to make her feel less secure. Preying on emotions to get sex is NOT cool and is a pretty weak tactic to resort to. Stick with giving a sincere compliment guys – it’s much more effective in the long run to make a girl feel good about herself.
  • Lying to a woman is obviously a no go area, but just as bad is omitting to tell her certain things. If you head to a strip club with your mates but don’t tell her, you’re just asking for trouble. When she finds out (women nearly always do!) it’s going to make things a lot worse for you in the long run.

So there you go – some of the bad dating advice for men that you definitely shouldn’t follow! If you want some REAL actionable dating info that you can put to use today you need to check out this free video. You’ll learn the tips you need to create instant attraction with a woman – even if you’ve known her for years and never made your move.