4 Tips On How To Get Women

How to get women shouldn’t exactly be a mystery, after all men and women have been getting it together since the beginning of time. It’s not always as simple as it sounds though – some men have genuine problems seducing women. If you’re wondering what it takes to get the women you really want it’s time to start doing a few things differently. The following are some tips to get you started:

Conquer your fear

Don’t be afraid of approaching women because if you are, it’s likely they will sense any fear and trepidation you might be feeling (and that’s NOT a good thing). You need to work on being completely comfortable walking up to any woman and starting a conversation. No matter how freaked out you’re feeling on the inside, you need to be calm and confident on the outside. How do you conquer this fear? I admit it’s not always easy, particularly if you’re the shy and retiring type. The only way to do it is JUST DO IT, and practice makes perfect. Set yourself a challenge to approach and start conversations with 50 women over the next few weeks – once you’ve done it a few times you’ll begin to find it easier and easier.

Play hard to get

Some men come across too easy to get once they find a woman who shows a little interest. If a woman knows she can have you (without doing anything to deserve your attention) she’ll probably be flattered but likely not attracted. Studies have shown that women are more attracted when they’re uncertain about whether a guy likes them, than when they’re sure the guy really likes them. Uncertainty interests us, so make sure you don’t show all your feelings straight away.

Dress to impress

If you’re approaching an attractive woman it’s likely she already gets hit on a lot. How are you going to stand out from the rest? First impressions matter, and when a woman first sees you she’ll probably have decided whether you’re a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’ within the first 30 to 60 seconds. Her impression will be based on your looks, your demeanour and most importantly, how you’re dressed. Remember, how you dress reflects who you are – it’s your identity,  so choose your style carefully.

Study the techniques of the ‘masters’

If you’re seriously having difficulty seducing women (or you’re getting women, but not the hot, sexy women that you want!) there’s no shame in getting help. Why do you think there are so many dating courses, books, seminars and more? There are men paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn the ‘secrets’ to getting the women they want, and who wouldn’t want to improve their game? There are a ton of psychological strategies and techniques that you can use to give you the edge when it comes to seduction, and let’s face it, we’re not all born with amazing communication skills. The good thing though is that it’s definitely something you can learn! With the right education ANY man can learn how to get women.

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