How To Impress A Girl

When you first meet a girl and you develop an interest for her, you may worry that you won’t come off exactly as you’d like to. If you are feeling angst about impressing a girl you have feelings for, you are not alone. Many men worry that they aren’t coming off as great as they would like to with the women they like. If you truly want to impress the girl you are into, you will need to be sure that you stick to these 7 tips below.
How to Impress a Girl

1. Look Your Absolute Best

We love with our hearts, but first we lust with our eyes. As much as people like to say that looks don’t matter, a person’s looks are actually the first thing that many people notice. Whether it’s their eyes, smile, hair or all of them combined, it’s important to look our best. Whenever you are around this girl, make sure you make yourself presentable. Do your hair, shave and use your best cologne. Don’t forget to dress to impress!

You will feel a lot better being around her knowing that you look great. It will be a major confidence booster and you won’t be worrying every minute that you have bad breath or that your hair looks bad because you fixed those problems beforehand.

2. Compliment Her with Sincerity

Girls love being complimented.. When the guy means it. It’s important to compliment her, you want to make her feel special. But don’t give her a general compliment or try to pick her up with a line that will offend her. Give her a compliment that is true and honest, something that she will remember. Tell her something that will touch her heart in the best way possible. You don’t want to say something general such as “You have nice eyes.” Say something unique and creative!

3. Don’t Say The First Thing That Comes Into Your Head

Always think before you talk to her. When you just talk without thinking about what you are saying, chances are you are going to say something that isn’t so bright. Or you’ll say something that will end up embarrassing you to where you will feel weird for the rest of the time that you are with her. Any guy can talk to a girl but not all guys can talk to her a girl and impress her by the things he is saying. Talk about things that will interest her and be sure you talk more about her than you do herself. Ask her questions and let her answer for as long as she wants to.

Don’t interrupt her when she is talking either. Just always think about what you are saying and listen to her when she speaks and you should be just fine!

4. Make Good Eye Contact

When you are talking to her, look her deep in the eyes. Women like it when a man makes eye contact as they feel the man is truly interested in what she is saying. Not to mention, men often have a habit of letting their eyes travel to places that women don’t like them starring at. So good eye contact is very important when it comes to impressing a girl.

5. Be the Right Kind of Funny

Women love a guy who can make her laugh, so a good sense of humor is a very important thing to show to the girl you are looking to impress. However, when you are trying to be funny there are a lot of different ways you can go. You can be dirty funny which will turn a girl off to you right away most of the time. You can then be the kind of funny where you are the only one laughing at your jokes. And then there is the kind of funny where you are being appropriate but not dry and you both are having a great time laughing together.

Learn a few funny jokes before you see her or read a funny story that you can tell her. If you are making her laugh, you are impressing her. That is certain!

6. Be Confident

No girl will be impressed by a shy guy that isn’t showing a single ray of confidence. If you are nervous, don’t let it show. She may be nervous too but she probably isn’t letting it show and if she is, that’s okay for girls. However, you need to show her that you like her and if you act shy and distant, she may get the wrong idea. Show up with something sweet that will make her smile such as flowers and start talking right away.

Do your best to not to let there be too many awkward moments or silences. Talk about what you do for a living and don’t try to hide it if it’s not exactly what you want to be doing right now. Tell her about your plans in the future, such as what you want to do with your career and schooling.

7. Most Importantly, Be Yourself

This is the best thing that you can do to impress a girl, be yourself. Girls are very intuitive and can tell if a guy is being fake or is being genuine. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not to impress her as it will end up doing the complete opposite. Be smart, funny and charming while showing her some of your true colors.

If you start out with this girl based on lies, it will never work out. You wouldn’t want her to not be real with you, you want her to be herself. This is just what she wants as well and that is the true way to impress her.

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