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The Tao Of Badass Review

Want a real, no holds barred review of the Tao of Badass? You’ve come to the right place! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ dating advice program that you can purchase online and start reading immediately (that means you can put it into practice today!) Basically this is all the […] Read more

Dating Advice For Men

Dating advice for men is pretty easy to find – all you have to do is go online and you’ll find thousands of websites dedicated to the ‘art’ of dating. But is all this advice any good? Truth be told, there is some GREAT info available online, but not all is worth pursuing. If you […] Read more

How To Get A Hot Girlfriend

How many times did you like a hot girl so much that you felt like going crazy if you don’t have her – and eventually never ended up having her? Well, I guess the answer is clear here my friend and I do know how that feels. The fact is that if you cannot get […] Read more

4 Tips On How To Get Women

How to get women shouldn’t exactly be a mystery, after all men and women have been getting it together since the beginning of time. It’s not always as simple as it sounds though – some men have genuine problems seducing women. If you’re wondering what it takes to get the women you really want it’s […] Read more