The Tao Of Badass Review

Want a real, no holds barred review of the Tao of Badass? You’ve come to the right place! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ dating advice program that you can purchase online and start reading immediately (that means you can put it into practice today!) Basically this is all the stuff (tips, tricks, secrets – whatever you want to call them) that men should know, but most don’t. For some men, attracting women comes naturally. You know the type, you’ve probably got a few friends that have never had a problem with the ladies and have had numerous girlfriends, encounters etc.

Unfortunately though we haven’t all been blessed with this ‘gift’. Maybe you have lots of female friends but just can’t seem to get laid? Or maybe you’re having difficulty approaching women when you go out? It sucks, but the good news is that you CAN learn. The art of seducing women is something that any guy can learn IF they have the right information. There are plenty of simple tips and tricks which are very effective when you put them into action.

That’s where the Tao of Badass comes in.

The author of this controversial program is a guy called Josh Pellicer, an ordinary guy who went from being a complete failure with women, to a renowned ‘pick up artist’, self-proclaimed lothario, and mentor to men who want to become a complete ‘badass’ when it comes to dating. In fact in the last few years he’s become a professional dating coach and has been featured on AOL News, The Today Show, The NY Press and more.

What you’ll learn

The book itself details things like social dynamics, gender polarity, psychological attraction triggers and lots more tips on how to attract and date more women. It’s a comprehensive guide (150 pages) and there is a good support system too. You’ll learn things like how to eliminate your competition, how to know what she’s thinking by decoding her body language, how to really be confident and double your chances with women, how to get her to talk to you one on one, how to escape the ‘friend zone’ and much more.

Who is it for?

Any guy, young or old, who’s struggling to meet or attract women. If you’re tired of rejection and being alone then it’s time to do something about it. Learn and practice the techniques and you’ll soon be a pro at pulling the hottest, sexiest women. You DON’T have to be attractive – girls are DO NOT CARE if you have a six pack, or look like a nerd. It’s a little known fact that women do not rate physical attractiveness as highly as men do.

Disadvantages of Tao Of Badass

To be honest there aren’t any major disadvantages that we could think of. The program isn’t free and it costs more than the average book, but when you consider that you’re learning advanced techniques that are tested and proven you’ll see that it’s a pretty good investment. There’s a hot 60 day money back guarantee so it’s worth trying out for yourself – you’ve nothing to lose.

Our verdict

You might not agree with some of the tactics in Tao Of Badass, but from reading the reviews on dating forums etc. it seems that Pellicer’s techniques do work. So whether you think the guy is an idiot or a complete genius, it’s likely you’ll find at least a few ideas you can put into practice to improve your game. It’s practical, detailed, and is info any guy can put into practice, regardless of their experience. Tao Of Badass is definitely one of the better dating instruction programs on the market and is definitely worth checking out.

Check out the free video

Even if you’re not ready to commit to investing in the Tao Of Badass program you should at least take a look at Josh Pellicer’s free video. It’s a bit ‘unconventional’ in that he teaches some powerful lessons that might seem a bit weird at first. The thing is, the techniques he teaches actually work  and will give you the edge when it comes to attracting women instantly. You’ll even learn the mystery of how to get women to subconsciously want to approach YOU! Some men figure the mysteries of attraction out for themselves (these are the guys that have a different woman every time you see them), but the reality is that most of us need a bit of a heads up on the RIGHT way to interact with women. It’s no wonder these ‘super ninja’ tricks are so popular – they’re tested and proven!

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How To Impress A Girl

When you first meet a girl and you develop an interest for her, you may worry that you won’t come off exactly as you’d like to. If you are feeling angst about impressing a girl you have feelings for, you are not alone. Many men worry that they aren’t coming off as great as they would like to with the women they like. If you truly want to impress the girl you are into, you will need to be sure that you stick to these 7 tips below.
How to Impress a Girl

1. Look Your Absolute Best

We love with our hearts, but first we lust with our eyes. As much as people like to say that looks don’t matter, a person’s looks are actually the first thing that many people notice. Whether it’s their eyes, smile, hair or all of them combined, it’s important to look our best. Whenever you are around this girl, make sure you make yourself presentable. Do your hair, shave and use your best cologne. Don’t forget to dress to impress!

You will feel a lot better being around her knowing that you look great. It will be a major confidence booster and you won’t be worrying every minute that you have bad breath or that your hair looks bad because you fixed those problems beforehand.

2. Compliment Her with Sincerity

Girls love being complimented.. When the guy means it. It’s important to compliment her, you want to make her feel special. But don’t give her a general compliment or try to pick her up with a line that will offend her. Give her a compliment that is true and honest, something that she will remember. Tell her something that will touch her heart in the best way possible. You don’t want to say something general such as “You have nice eyes.” Say something unique and creative!

3. Don’t Say The First Thing That Comes Into Your Head

Always think before you talk to her. When you just talk without thinking about what you are saying, chances are you are going to say something that isn’t so bright. Or you’ll say something that will end up embarrassing you to where you will feel weird for the rest of the time that you are with her. Any guy can talk to a girl but not all guys can talk to her a girl and impress her by the things he is saying. Talk about things that will interest her and be sure you talk more about her than you do herself. Ask her questions and let her answer for as long as she wants to.

Don’t interrupt her when she is talking either. Just always think about what you are saying and listen to her when she speaks and you should be just fine!

4. Make Good Eye Contact

When you are talking to her, look her deep in the eyes. Women like it when a man makes eye contact as they feel the man is truly interested in what she is saying. Not to mention, men often have a habit of letting their eyes travel to places that women don’t like them starring at. So good eye contact is very important when it comes to impressing a girl.

5. Be the Right Kind of Funny

Women love a guy who can make her laugh, so a good sense of humor is a very important thing to show to the girl you are looking to impress. However, when you are trying to be funny there are a lot of different ways you can go. You can be dirty funny which will turn a girl off to you right away most of the time. You can then be the kind of funny where you are the only one laughing at your jokes. And then there is the kind of funny where you are being appropriate but not dry and you both are having a great time laughing together.

Learn a few funny jokes before you see her or read a funny story that you can tell her. If you are making her laugh, you are impressing her. That is certain!

6. Be Confident

No girl will be impressed by a shy guy that isn’t showing a single ray of confidence. If you are nervous, don’t let it show. She may be nervous too but she probably isn’t letting it show and if she is, that’s okay for girls. However, you need to show her that you like her and if you act shy and distant, she may get the wrong idea. Show up with something sweet that will make her smile such as flowers and start talking right away.

Do your best to not to let there be too many awkward moments or silences. Talk about what you do for a living and don’t try to hide it if it’s not exactly what you want to be doing right now. Tell her about your plans in the future, such as what you want to do with your career and schooling.

7. Most Importantly, Be Yourself

This is the best thing that you can do to impress a girl, be yourself. Girls are very intuitive and can tell if a guy is being fake or is being genuine. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not to impress her as it will end up doing the complete opposite. Be smart, funny and charming while showing her some of your true colors.

If you start out with this girl based on lies, it will never work out. You wouldn’t want her to not be real with you, you want her to be herself. This is just what she wants as well and that is the true way to impress her.

Dating Advice For Men

Dating advice for men is pretty easy to find – all you have to do is go online and you’ll find thousands of websites dedicated to the ‘art’ of dating. But is all this advice any good? Truth be told, there is some GREAT info available online, but not all is worth pursuing. If you read the wrong advice you could end up on the path to heartbreak and perpetual singledom!

Here is just some of the dating advice for men that you DON’T want to follow:

  • Wait three days to call her. Come on guys, if you’re interested, make like Nike and ‘just do it’! Some men worry that they’ll come across as desperate, but do you really want her to lose interest or meet someone else in the meantime?
  • Sleep with as many women as possible. Sure it’d probably be a whole lot of fun, but realistically many men would be happy with just one hot woman. There are no rules about how many women you have to sleep with before committing to a serious relationship.  Getting notches on your bedpost isn’t necessarily as cool as your friends might make out.
  • Ask a girl out via text. In this day and age texting, tweeting and Facebook messaging is the norm when it comes to communication. Face to face or a good old fashioned phone call though is the way to go when you want to ask a girl out.
  • You have your eye on a sexy woman but your friends tell you she’s out of your league. If you’re convinced that you have no chance with a woman you definitely won’t, but just because a woman is particularly confident and attractive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
  • You need to be fit looking if you want to pull hot women. This is actually a complete myth. Haven’t you ever seen an ordinary, mediocre looking guy (possibly with a bit of a paunch) walking down the street with a girlfriend that is obviously better looking? It happens more than you think. Of course women like checking out fit guys, but at the same time they know that in real life not every man looks like Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig. In reality the muscle that matters most is the heart.
  • If you’ve read The Game you may have noticed that one of the pieces of advice was to say negative things to a woman to make her feel less secure. Preying on emotions to get sex is NOT cool and is a pretty weak tactic to resort to. Stick with giving a sincere compliment guys – it’s much more effective in the long run to make a girl feel good about herself.
  • Lying to a woman is obviously a no go area, but just as bad is omitting to tell her certain things. If you head to a strip club with your mates but don’t tell her, you’re just asking for trouble. When she finds out (women nearly always do!) it’s going to make things a lot worse for you in the long run.

So there you go – some of the bad dating advice for men that you definitely shouldn’t follow! If you want some REAL actionable dating info that you can put to use today you need to check out this free video. You’ll learn the tips you need to create instant attraction with a woman – even if you’ve known her for years and never made your move.


How To Get A Hot Girlfriend

How many times did you like a hot girl so much that you felt like going crazy if you don’t have her – and eventually never ended up having her? Well, I guess the answer is clear here my friend and I do know how that feels. The fact is that if you cannot get a girl who is clearly out of your league, then it must be something very wrong in your approach. What is that? Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Well, that’s a question for you to answer, as for me, I will personally teach you a few things on how to get a hot girlfriend and be happy with her.

Be yourself

First of all, you should always try and be yourself, even if it sounds hard or impossible. Girls don’t like fake guys and in general, being fake is something that girls can sniff a mile away. Think about it: Would you date someone who is fake and doesn’t even have the guts to be herself? I don’t think so!

Take things slowly and be sensitive

We guys always like to speed up things and get over with the cheesy moments, but even if you don’t like them that much, they are necessary. I’m not saying you should get a band and sing her a song when she gets out of the mall, but do try and be sensitive. And by that I also mean that you cannot afford to make any lame sex jokes with her. If you make these jokes, you will just drive her away from you and end up lonely.

Communication is vital

Make sure you talk to her, but don’t try to ask lame questions that bore her. Try and be original, show her that you are really interested into her, but don’t overdo it so she may think you’re obsessed with her or something. Be reasonable, sound interesting and do it all within the limits of your personality and honesty. Speak only as much as you think you can handle. It’s really bad to get caught up in a lie later on. Your voice needs to make her feel safe when sharing certain things with you and that’s why you should always reassure this way.

Dress well

The way you dress is also very important, because girls do really care about how their boyfriend looks. You don’t want to look underdressed for instance when you go out with her, while she’s wearing some really nice clothes. Some girls will say this doesn’t matter to them, but it does, believe me.

Smile and make her laugh

is one of the most important things for them when looking for a guy. Practically, every girl out there loves to have a guy that makes her laugh when she’s sad and keep her hopes high when she cannot manage on her own.

Compliment her whenever you can

Last but not least, be bold sometimes and always compliment her when you should. Women loves to be appreciated and have their efforts matter for someone and that is why you should heed this advice.

In the end, by combining all of these tips together, you can easily date any girl you like. And believe me, when you’ll realize you can pull this off like a pro, you’ll become even more confident in your ability to seduce beautiful and smoking hot girls!

4 Tips On How To Get Women

How to get women shouldn’t exactly be a mystery, after all men and women have been getting it together since the beginning of time. It’s not always as simple as it sounds though – some men have genuine problems seducing women. If you’re wondering what it takes to get the women you really want it’s time to start doing a few things differently. The following are some tips to get you started:

Conquer your fear

Don’t be afraid of approaching women because if you are, it’s likely they will sense any fear and trepidation you might be feeling (and that’s NOT a good thing). You need to work on being completely comfortable walking up to any woman and starting a conversation. No matter how freaked out you’re feeling on the inside, you need to be calm and confident on the outside. How do you conquer this fear? I admit it’s not always easy, particularly if you’re the shy and retiring type. The only way to do it is JUST DO IT, and practice makes perfect. Set yourself a challenge to approach and start conversations with 50 women over the next few weeks – once you’ve done it a few times you’ll begin to find it easier and easier.

Play hard to get

Some men come across too easy to get once they find a woman who shows a little interest. If a woman knows she can have you (without doing anything to deserve your attention) she’ll probably be flattered but likely not attracted. Studies have shown that women are more attracted when they’re uncertain about whether a guy likes them, than when they’re sure the guy really likes them. Uncertainty interests us, so make sure you don’t show all your feelings straight away.

Dress to impress

If you’re approaching an attractive woman it’s likely she already gets hit on a lot. How are you going to stand out from the rest? First impressions matter, and when a woman first sees you she’ll probably have decided whether you’re a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’ within the first 30 to 60 seconds. Her impression will be based on your looks, your demeanour and most importantly, how you’re dressed. Remember, how you dress reflects who you are – it’s your identity,  so choose your style carefully.

Study the techniques of the ‘masters’

If you’re seriously having difficulty seducing women (or you’re getting women, but not the hot, sexy women that you want!) there’s no shame in getting help. Why do you think there are so many dating courses, books, seminars and more? There are men paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn the ‘secrets’ to getting the women they want, and who wouldn’t want to improve their game? There are a ton of psychological strategies and techniques that you can use to give you the edge when it comes to seduction, and let’s face it, we’re not all born with amazing communication skills. The good thing though is that it’s definitely something you can learn! With the right education ANY man can learn how to get women.

Want some free tips? Check out this video: